Whether you are a main straem telco business, Call Centre, Call Shops or a VoIP provider, Telcoplex can accomodate all your needs by custom designed A-Z termination packages.

Secure and Relibale Connectivity

Experienced teachnical teams along with state-of-the art technology enables Telcoplex to provide all time securetime secure and reliable connectivity for its carrier clients.

Custom/Scalable Solutions

Regardless of the need or demand of the clients, Telcoplex's custom termination solution packages are suitable for each businesses.

Carrier Interconnect

 Telcoplex ‘Carrier Interconnect’ service brings quality, security, global connectivity, regional platforms, hubs and the confidence that comes from our partnership with several worldwide brand names.


Niche Markets/Destinations

Telcoplex works directly with termination providers which makes it a unique carrier service provider who can reach the most uncommon market places in furthest corner of the world.

Performance Monitoring

Continuous performance monitoring facilities are the great features of Telcoplex carrier service. It ensures the quality of service as well as customer satisfaction at all time.

More Than 100 Direct Routes

Extensive network footprint enabled Telcoplex to provide more than 100 direct routes for its clients.