Telcoplex, established in the United Kingdom, is a unique wholesale  voice carrier service which provides reliable and high quality voice  termination for both domestic and international markets. Our expert  global interconnections make Telcoplex the ideal choice for  international carriers, mobile operators and retail service providers  looking for high quality worldwide voice termination. We are based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

What we do?

 Telcoplex provides wholesale international voice routing and termination  at highly competitive rates. Connect to our network and you are  connected to the world. Our network has extensive relationships with  global carriers for direct call termination with an annual volume growth  projection of 5% and more. Telcoplex draws on its experience in the  retail and wholesale markets to deliver solutions that are fully adapted  to your business needs.  Telcoplex cooperates with both origination and termination interconnects  as well as telecom application providers in both national and  international markets.  

Futurastic vision

 Telcoplex also works in partnership with renowned telecom solution  providers in order to find the need of suitable telecom applications in  niche marketplaces around the world. Presently, Telcoplex is researching  on the need of various Bandwidth Optimization solutions, Mobile Dialer  and Switch/Billing applications for voice carrier businesses in Europe,  Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to co-own patents. With growing  demands for specific international data and voice needs, we are able to  bring the experience and drive along with the infrastructure and  resources of our partners and affiliates to help you succeed.